Hope in Diversity – Video with S. Olga Wittekind, OSF

We hope you enjoy our video message from S. Olga!

If the video does not appear embedded in your email, click here to view it:
Hope in Diversity

Hope in Diversity with S. Olga Wittekind– Feb. 18.
Our February workshop was a great success!

This is what people said:

  • S. Olga has expertise, optimism, and organization.  I love her stories and examples!
  • Very knowledgable, organized, prepared, interesting, inspiring!
  • Learned a lot [to help me] understand myself and those around me.
  • Love S. Olga’s enthusiasm and knowledge.  Grateful to learn this information.
  • Wonderful experience all around!
  • S. Olga is a fantastic teacher!


If you missed our Saturday “Hope in Diversity ” program, consider requesting a private Myers-Briggs workshop at the Burg just for your family, church group, or co-workers! Come rest in the peace of the Sisters’ campus and grow in healthy relationship with yourself and those around you!  For information on having a program tailored to your group, write to Angela at aroesler@oldenburosf.com or call 513-543-5368.

Peace, joy, and everything good!

♥ the Crew at OFC

One thought on “Hope in Diversity – Video with S. Olga Wittekind, OSF

  1. I love the video that you used to advertise this event. I passed it on to our marketing person thinking we may want to do something similiar someday. Some of it went to quickly for slow readers, but it had such energy and was so inviting. Keep up the good work.

    Also I love Sharonlu’s “Plant a Seed” visual poem. Beautiful, meaningful, inspiring.

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