Stained Glass Windows by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

Oldenburg Sisters of St. Francis - Stained Glass in the ChapelCallie was one of the most admired women in her parish.  Her presence was so calming and gentle, and she spoke with a voice that was almost beguiling.  Every one spoke of what a charming, sunny disposition she had.  And she had such good ideas and creative thoughts, her position in the Ladies Club gave her the freedom to set the pace and tone for most of the social events planned.  No one bucked her because she was always right, and she would shine with that knowledge.  However, outside the church Ladies Group, Callie lost her shine.  She did not fit in with other social groups, and the church group was her only high point.

About three years after Callie became a fixture on the Ladies Club roster, Mabel entered the picture.  Mabel was a rather plain person, who did not push her ideas, but very often caught some snags in Callie’s plan.  Never in the front of things, Mabel shone behind the scenes and when things seemed to fail, she would be the one to bolster up the group and keep things going. She could find something to say no matter in what group she found herself.  Quiet, but a pleasant, positive addition to most any group, Mabel was always a plus.

These two women were like stained glass windows. If you are IN the church and the day is sunny, the stained glass windows glow.  You can walk to various places in the church and have their colors reflect on your clothing.  But if you are OUTSIDE the church and the day is sunny, the stained glass windows look dark.  It is even hard to see the picture or design there.  Callie was like that.  While she is in a place where she can be forefront, Callie shines.

If the day is dreary and rainy, and you are OUTSIDE a church whose candles and lights are ablaze, you will see, in spite of the darkness of the weather, the most beautiful array of colors.  This is Mabel who glows when things are dark.  It looks dark INSIDE the church, but the radiance outside goes far.

We all have our bright and dark days.  However, keeping our interior light glowing will allow the beauty we have inside to spill out on others.  On the other hand when we allow our interior light to fade, we cannot be a beacon for others.

Sustaining our interior light is a constant task, but we have so many aids.  Daily prayer and meditation are a big help.  Remembering the do things for others strengthens our interior life, much like exercise strengthens the muscles.  Smiling a lot is so beneficial and it is free!  See how many smiles you can draw from others you encounter during the day, And, guess what!  The more you smile the happier you will feel!

Be a person like a stained glass window with an interior light radiating your beauty.

Peace and Joy to all you beautiful people and that means YOU!

Sharonlu OSF

One thought on “Stained Glass Windows by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

  1. This is so lovely…yes we need the light inside for wisdom and also to shine out for compassion and love. I love stained glass…the stories it tells…the colors it glorifies in the sun…the faith it demonstrates against the wind and rain…

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