Sunday Reflection by S. Norma Rocklage, OSF

Reflection for July 15, 2012
 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Am 7:12-15
Second Reading: Eph 1:3-14
Gospel: Mark 6:7-13

In words of deep mystery and challenge, St. Paul reminds us of our awesome vocation to which we were called even BEFORE the world was made to reveal the presence of God’s tremendous love by our ordinary, daily lives.  We, people, priests, bishops, are all called to be disciples, teachers, healers and sometimes reluctant prophets like Amos in our journey of life.  But most of us probably feel we fall short of this invitation to witness to the Good News, and we do fall short often because of all the “baggage” we carry.  It’s not always material baggage that holds us back but it can be our power, prestige, pet ideas and theories, stubborn unwillingness to listen to signs of the time, unforgiveness, etc.  It is so easy and comfortable to serve our own egos and ambitions rather than the dangerous truths we are asked to teach.  It is important for us to daily remember that “it is in Christ and through His blood we are saved, gain our freedom and are forgiven,” and to turn to Him in humility to ask for the grace to let go of the baggage that hinders us.
Loving God, we come with hearts of Gratitude to you for creating us out of your Love to be your adopted daughters and sons.  We come with thanksgiving for your “divine foolishness” in inviting us to lead others to you by the way we share your love with others.  We also come with a keen awareness of our weakness and our selfishness which so often blurs the image of your presence.  Trusting in your Goodness and Forgiveness, we dare to ask for the grace both to cherish being created as a gift to the world and to let go of whatever prevents us from your gift.

Norma Rocklage, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, IN

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