Flying Flowers & Tethered Butterflies, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan OSF

Flying flower

The butterfly is a flying flower.

Tethered butterfly.

The flower is a tethered butterfly.  ~Ponce Denis

It surprises us most of the time, the colorful butterfly that dances around. As children, we probably chased after it, but the beautiful insect soon eluded us. Perhaps now, as adults, we stand still and savor the beauty of these “flying flowers.”  It is there and then it is gone. However, we talk about it and bring it to mind now and then.  It is a thing of beauty passing through that touches the gentle side of us.

The lovely black-eyed-Susan does not fly away from us.  If we planted the seeds for this flower, we probably have been waiting for it to bloom.  When it does, the bright friendly flower stays with us.  Its life is shorter than that of the butterfly, but the time the flower is with us is longer.  We may not think of the tethered butterfly as often as we do the flying flower, but both serve a purpose.

Some things in our lives flit by leaving a little memory, a little glimpse of God.  Other things are there, just there.  They can be reminders of the Creator if we just call to mind that everything is a gift from God.

Sometimes people come into our lives for a few minutes, or we read what they have written and feel a connection to that person.  That is a butterfly effect.  Others are there always, supporting us, honoring us, praying with and for us, and that is the Black-eyed-Susan effect.  We often do not remember them in the same way we do that person we have never met.  We need them both.  What I must recognize is that the people who support me all the time, ought to be acknowledged as often as I quote or admire those who influence me by written or spoken word.

Peace and Joy,

Sharonlu, OSF
Oldenburg Franciscan Center
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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