Sunday Reflection, by S. Mary Fliehman, OSF

Cytisus scoparius (broom tree) photo.
Source: Wikipedia Commons

First Reading: 1Kings 19:4-8
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 34:2-9
Second Reading: Ephes. 4:30-52
Gospel: John 6:41-51

What forms of life have been deeply affected by this summer’s drought?  We are very much aware of the resounding response to this question.  At this point in time, many of us may feel like joining Elijah under the sweet-smelling broom tree.  However, note the persistence of the Angel to move Elijah to get up, to eat the cake, to drink the water and to continue his journey.

What is under our broom tree when challenges, disappointments, and concerns feel like they are overwhelming us?  Elijah needed sustenance and so do we.  The words of the psalmist reveal where we need to turn.  Could we begin our turning to God by recalling those times when we experienced God providing EXACTLY what we needed to stay ALIVE?  Would we then be willing to share with family, with a friend or with our neighbor what we found under our broom tree?

Loving God, we are almost breathless when we realize what has been placed under our broom trees.  Thank you for helping us to taste and see your goodness.  With your grace, may we continue to LOOK to YOU as the SOURCE of ALL that we humbly need in our daily living.  Amen.

Mary Fliehman, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

One thought on “Sunday Reflection, by S. Mary Fliehman, OSF

  1. Please tell S. Mary.. I really like this one. She sort of hit the nail right on the head… Please tell her thank you

    Betsy Savare

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