Sunday Reflection, by S. Andre Burkhart, OSF

September 9, 2012
 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
First Reading: Is. 35:4-7
Second Reading: James 2:1-5

Gospel: Mk. 7:31-37 

If my memory serves me well, this is the only miracle of healing where props are used by Jesus in the Scriptures.  Wine, bread and fish are different than the physical touch in other passages.  It also appears that the “groan” is a prominent part of the healing.  As I sat with the readings, I saw the fact of my own deafness and speech defect at times.  I sometimes only hear what I want to hear!  My ears are closed to others when they remind me of my short comings.  My speech is halted and defective when I fail to defend the truth, when I know a wrong has been dealt to someone.  I must get all the facts and then after that–not pass judgment.  However, I should “woman up” and help guide and listen to others.  To groan and not seek truth and faith is surely not the Gospel way.  Spit out evil and step into the light of believing!  Yes, even if it hurts!


God, Creator of all.  You created us and said, “It is good!”  Strengthen our faith, increase our desire for justice in our daily lives, and heal our “halted” speech.  Let joy be our weapon to conquer evil and help us live days of happiness and fullness of life.  As we “groan” into change and grace in our lives keep us Spirit-filled with wisdom and a desire for peace.  Aid us as we constantly long for the “real” life–an eternity with you.


Andre Burkhart, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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