Sunday Reflection, Baptism of the Lord, by Carolyn Meyer

baptismReflection for January 13, 2013
Baptism of the Lord

First Reading: Is 42:1-4
Second Reading: Acts 10: 34-38
Gospel: Luke 3:15-16

As children of God we are born with the spirit of unconditional love and a wisdom that empowers us to bring about happiness. The Baptismal ritual anoints us to become servants of the Lord. This Lord does not wield power over us, but empowers us to serve. This is a vocation that implies service to all of God’s creation. We are called to live justly thus creating and maintaining a peaceful existence. The way to peace isn’t brought about by changing others to meet our idea of right living, but by quietly offering reconciliation and supporting the gifts of each other.
O most gracious and loving God, you wash us clean time and time again with the blessed waters of your forgiveness. May each new beginning provide a renewed birth to the gift of your Spirit allowing us to co-create a universe of peace and hope.

Carolyn Meyer, Associate
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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