Presidents, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

washington-lincolnIt is that month again. We will be honoring President Lincoln on February 12 and President Washington on February 22.  Those are their actual birthdays, but we lump them together on the third Monday of February.  The dates were modified, and the name changed to “Presidents Day” to include all the Presidents we have had.

I think we need to be aware of other presidents than the National leaders.  There are presidents of banks, for example, presidents of corporation, presidents of PTAs, presidents of the Red Cross, of universities and colleges and on and on.

What is a president?  The Thesaurus gives six synonyms: leader, chief, premier, head, chair, and commander.  If you do not find yourself in there, look harder.

Those of you who are parents might see yourself as commander, or perhaps your children do.  Teachers might say they are leaders; Coaches might be considered the head of their team; Those in charge of committees are called the Chair.

Each of us is the highest ranking person in our lives. Or at least that should be true.  What you do, say, think, decide and strive for is in your control, and YOU are designated the one in charge of YOU.  This is given to you by the King of Kings.  It is not an easy job.  It is tough, but someone has to do it and you are the one.

All hail, President Lorelei, Chairman Matthias, Chief Betsy.  The fruits of your rule will be taken into consideration at the time you are called before the Lord of Lords.

Blessings on you!  Coming between the birthdays of the two presidents this year you will find a help for your efforts.  Lent begins February 13!

Peace, Joy, and all Good,

Sharonlu, OSF
Oldenburg Franciscan Center
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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