Meteorite, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

Image linked from The Daily Mail. (Click on picture to see the article).

It happened not too long ago in Russia.  A meteorite flashed through the sky and crashed into a thick ice lake making a crater of great size.  Then we heard of another meteorite in the sky in northern California. These are unusual phenomena, and can speak to us of the power of God.

The flashing fire tail of a meteorite is beautiful, but you would be well not to be in the path of its descent.

Things that happen in space have always been a wonder to me. I do not have any control over what happens there, but the moon and the stars have been fascinating especially.  Meteorites shock me into witnessing the Power of God.   We know God’s power is what keeps all in the universe in order. But knowing it and seeing it are two different things. I did not see the meteorite except on a Facebook or You-tube video, but the power was visible there.

We know the might and power of the meteorite, but not where or when it will descend on earth. Scientists are looking into ways to determine if a meteorite is coming. I cannot imagine what they would tell us to do if they figured that out. Until that time, I figure if it is coming, it is coming, and it is in the hands of God whether we know scientifically just when it will appear.

Things like that happen on a minor scale to all of us. Perhaps not with the same beauty, but with a startling effect. A burst of bacon grease makes a burn spot on your newly waxed floor. It is a very cold wintry day and you have an urgent call that requires your response. You hurry to the car only to find the lock is frozen. Things that you have no control over happen daily on a small or large situation. There is a reason for things happening like that. The reason is not on a billboard, or in the instruction manual.   Those things serve to remind us that God is still in charge.

The power and mystery that is God goes on forever. We will enjoy understanding when we see God face-to-face!

Sharonlu, OSFSisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg


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