Paperclips, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

It is only a twisted piece of wire, but there are things we can learn from it. When you need one, almost nothing else will work.  Oh, there are fancier things, and much more expensive, but the old-fashioned, simple paper clip is quick and efficient.

You might put 3 to 30 papers in a paper clip, but if you go many more than thirty the paper clip will either bend, break, or cause a ruffling shower of pages drifting to the floor. The paper clip knows its limit.  It will not allow itself to be overloaded.  With a reasonable amount of paper to hold, the paper clip is glad to join other clips so that things are nicely sorted.  Cooperation is what keeps things organized.

When not being used the paper clip usually has a special container where it stays.  When there is no container, paper clips may land anywhere.  They are not fussy.

No one’s desk and files are as messy as mine.  So if I need a paper clip, I will look in each drawer, every case, my purse and pockets because there is bound to be a paper clip in one of those places.

Let see if we can find a lesson from the paper clip.  Ah, yes, we would do well to recognize our limit and back off from the extras that present themselves. We do not want to be bent or broken, and it is not such a good idea to spew things all over. Learn from the paper clip.

I think most people are careful about their things, but unfortunately not me.  I am talking to myself when I say: since the paper clip is content to stay in one place, I will let it.  I might try putting it and other objects where they belong.

Note that if the paper clip is dropped on the floor, it stays there until someone like me needs it, or someone like you picks it up and puts it in its container.  Either way it remains useful.  If you find yourself down, e.g. on the floor, seemingly useless, be patient.  You might have important work to do. It may be in cooperation with others.  So let someone see your gifts and pick you up, just like the paper clip.

Is there anything that does not remind us of the great, gentle God who picks up us paper clips all the time? Things that seem to be a coincidence are not. They are God’s way of reminding us that He is in our lives all the time. God is involved in everything. We just have to recognize God’s presence, and be filled with gratitude for it.

Peace, Joy, and All Good,

Sharonlu, OSF

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