Reflection for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, by S. Patty Campbell

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

First Reading: Isaiah 43:16-21
Second Reading: Phillipians: 3:8-14
Gospel: John 8:1-11

It seems that people who are brought before a judge in court are of three minds: denial, silent, truthful. Jesus today drew from deep wisdom to speak the truth for the accusers and the accused. He calls them one by one by one by one as he writes in the sand, to admit their stance against the woman. When Jesus looks up from writing in the sand, they had all slunk away in shame. Then he faces the accused and gave her mercy and forgiveness, as well as the way to enter into the future. Jesus, in truth, would also have forgiven the man who sinned with the woman but he did not present himself in silence. When I look in the mirror, do I recognize the truth in me? St. Patrick, whose feast is today, bound himself to the Trinity forever, always finding trust and truth in the God who loved him so. He would go forward each day, openly announcing the praise and mercy of God.

Prayer taken from St. Patrick’s Breastplate:

Christ be within me. Christ be with me.
Christ behind me. Christ before me.
Christ beside me. Christ to win me.
Christ beneath me. Christ above me.
Christ in quiet. Christ in danger.
Christ in hearts of all that love me.
Christ in the mouth of Friend and stranger.

S. Patty Campbell, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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