Resurrection, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

christisrisenIt really happened.  Jesus truly rose from the dead.  And we have reminders of that every spring. Trees that looked completely dead begin to flower.  Tiny red flowerets pop out all over the skeletal branches of some.  Others have white or pale green blossoms.  Soon little delicate green leaves will show and grow.

Dead-looking bulbs have pushed a little green shoot out of the ground. We know that there will be a tulip or daffodil in bright red or yellow soon.  We know it.

We must just as surely know that Jesus has risen from the dead.  Every spring He gives us reminders.

In a recent email I received there was an explanation of an occurrence that is mentioned in the Bible account of Jesus resurrection.  It says that the napkin or small cloth that covered the face of Jesus in the tomb was found separate from the other wrapping cloths and folded.  The article goes on to say that in Hebrew politeness, it you left the table and were not coming back, you would leave your napkin laid casually by your plate. That way the waiters would know to remove your dishes, etc.  But if you were leaving only for a short time and were coming back, you folded your napkin so that the waiters would not clear your place.  Jesus folded his napkin to remind us he IS coming back.

All these reminders are not just about Jesus rising.  We too will rise.  At this time we may be struggling with physical or memory problems as a result of aging.  It happens.  All of us age.  Just as the trees will have to shed their green strong leaves in autumn, so we begin the aches and pains.  The stately daffodil will bow its head and wither.  BUT, come spring all the beauty returns.

We, then, can look forward to that eternal spring and the beautiful beings we will be when we can see our brother, Jesus, glorious in His resurrection. We will be glorious in our own.

Rejoice! ALLELUIA! Jesus rose from the dead! So will we!

With wishes for blessings innumerable,

Sharonlu OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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