Pregnant! by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

A mother waits.

A mother waits.

A father waits.

A father waits.

A sibling waits

A sibling waits




Pregnancy:  The word has multiple meanings.  The pictures above reveal the most often used meaning  i.e. being with young.  But also means teeming with or full of ideas, or inventive,  heavy with important contents, significance or issue, potential.  Note that these do not have to do with human reproduction so much as creative or mental ideas.

At this time of year, we watch the earth prepare to give birth to leaves and flowers and grasses.  To be aware of the changes in the earth we must stop now and then and look.  Notice the faces on the people above as they await the birth of a child.  There is a look of expectancy on each of them.

The Church prepares us for the miracle of Jesus’ Resurrection during the Lenten season.  But we must be awake and aware so that there is a real expectancy in our spirits.  The birth that takes place on Easter is in the heart of each of us.

Farmers till the soil, removing stones and sticks; cooks stir the simmering soup, adding seasonings as needed; builders check the blueprints to make sure they are doing things acccording to plan.  We are reviewing our spiritual lives to remove what hampers growth, what needs to be added to bring us closer to Jesus, and confessing our failure to live according to the blueprint Jesus left us by his life.

What better time to meditate on what is really important to us.  I do not mean family or work or friends.  I mean inside our hearts.  Have we given enough time to working on our spiritual lives as we have given to work? or friends? or home improvements?  What is really important in the last analysis?  None of the things mentioned need to be ignored.  They are part and parcel of being human.  But we are not humans with a spiritual aspect; we are spiritual beings with a human aspect.

Remember you are nurturing your spiritual pregnancy.  Cultivate that everlasting part of you.  It will surely pay off on the last day!

Peace to you and Joy!!

Sharonlu, OSF

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