Spring Beauty Wildflowers, by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

Spring Beauties, Source: WikiCommons, Public domain

They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere.  Those lovely, tiny wildflowers in our lawns, on the hillsides everywhere, pop up as soon as a bit of warmth comes to the earth after the cold dark days of winter. We scarcely notice them they are so small. Their five white petals have delicate lavender stripes that radiate out from the core of tiny green sepals and pale yellow pollen catchers.

In clusters, these shy little flowers almost look like snow left over from the winter. As I pass by in my scooter, I stop just to be amazed at how much detail is involved here and how inexhaustible is God’s care of this lovely world we have been inhabiting. The Spring Beauties pop up even though no one has planted them or cared for them. Soon the mowers will come and they will be swallowed up like mulch. But they will have made their mark.

During the early spring, weather changes very often. Spring tries to come and at the same time, the winter fights to stay. When I first saw this year’s spring beauties, the very warm weather caused a huge number on our lawns.  Two days later the temperature dropped and the heads of these little treasures closed and dropped like a nodding baby’s. I was so concerned that they were finished for the season because of the cold weather.  But three days later , they were upright and proudly holding court for anyone who wanted to see.

So, what do they have to say to us?  The fact that they came without pomp and circumstance, and seemingly had no audience, should help us when we think no one notices what we are doing.  Or perhaps , no one cares.  The beauties do the job they were created for, and we can do no more.  Recognition is lovely, but not needed.

Notice also that these sweet sisters of ours folded up their heads during the tough cold.  That folding up helps to insulate us from what is hurting us.  When things are hard for us, folding up our disappointments and using the protection of prayer and service, we can emerge to do what we were created to do.

Spring is so lovely.  So many things can speak to us of the wonderful gifts of God.  I like little things.  You may like grandeur.  If so try the trees.  Watch them come back from death to life!

Peace and joy as the world comes alive again!

Sharonlu, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg


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