Wind, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan OSF

Wind by Sharonlu Sheridan OSF

        Wind comes in all shapes and sizes: the sweet breeze on a summer night, the frolicking breeze on the grasses of the plains, the salty spray in the breeze of the ocean. Today the wind came like a giant lion’s roar, as it pushed the puffy clouds together and made them hide the sun. Just as quickly as it came it subsided, only to gain strength to push once more against all that came in its way.

I love the wind. It is so spontaneous. Too often we think of wind as destructive. Cyclones, tornadoes, gales do indeed bring havoc, but the wind of the spring rains and the power in the spring windy thunderstorms are just what Mother Earth needs. Crops use their lesser powers of resistance to try to withstand the wind’s greater strength, and in doing so strengthen their own.

Just feeling the wind in my face seems to free me from any heaviness I am holding. Today the wind blew me and my cart more quickly to work. I am aware that in the Old Testament the prophet said that in seeking God you would not find God in the raging gale or the blustering wind or even in the sweeping wind. Only in the gentle breeze will God be found. It is true. If you want to commune with God it will be with a gentle breeze.

However if you want to contemplate the power of God, the overpowering force of the almighty, the heavy winds are a good place to start. We have seen the power of a tornado, a cyclone, and a hurricane. We know that wind can move almost anything. Jesus used a gentle breeze from his mouth to imbue the apostles with strength and determination. That same Spirit breathed into us at Baptism will whip into a fine wind as at Pentecost, and strengthen us, too. We must be aware of the Spirit’s presence. A mighty wind ruffling all around us and our own clothing and hair, can be as good a reminder as any. Whenever the wind is blowing hard, think not so much of your hair or papers or flapping jacket. Let the Spirit who comes in the wind fill you with strength and joy.

Peace and overwhelming joy,

Sharonlu, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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