Robin’s egg blue, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

Robin eggsIt was incredibly beautiful. Small as it was, it stopped me in my tracks. One-half a bird’s egg gave evidence of the new nestling in the tree. The color is what caught my eye. That lovely blue is so distinctive that we call it Robin’s-egg blue.

I picked up the empty eggshell still in wonder at the marvelous hue. It was as if a treasure dropped at my feet. There was no evidence in the tree branch a yard away that there was a nest there. Where had it come from?

I brought the half shell into my office and placed it on my desk. There it sat for ten days. Visitors asked about it and I knew I would be telling you, my friends, through this Reflection.

One such visitor asked me if I knew why the shell seemed so far out of place from any nest. I did not, so I asked for an explanation. The mother bird knows that the eggshell has remnants of her nestling in it and that could attract predators. She takes the empty shell flies a good distance from the nest and drops it.

We might learn to take the tempting temptation before us, and figuratively at least, drop it away from our consciousness.

I kept wondering about the color. I knew that ground birds like the plover lay spotted eggs to camouflage them like the sandy ground where the birds make their the nests. Orioles and other birds that lay light color eggs hide them in clefts or deep nests. In this way, they are less prominent to predators. However, I could not find a reason for the lovely blue of the robin’s eggs. Wikipedia gave me interesting facts about the color of several birds’ eggs, but admitted that scientists cannot determine why the robin’s eggs are blue.

I think I have the reason. It was to give people like us a picture of beauty where it is not necessary.  Here I was on a concrete walk, and there before me was a tiny object of such beauty that I had to stop and admire, wonder and even take it into my office. If the sweet blue of that egg does nothing more than lift my senses, it is worth every moment of its short existence.

We might remember that any act of beauty we perform need not be in place and time that will find it noticed and admired. Anywhere is a good place to do something beautiful for God, to quote Mother Teresa.

Smiles are beautiful and are needed by the persons who seem less deserving. Every person deserves beautiful smile: old or young, rich or poor, clean or dirty, holy or sinful, gracious or rude, pleasant or tiresome. And smiles cost no money, only  a moment of time.

Perhaps it does not seem like an apt comparison, but you might try to be like the beautiful broken shell that drew a smile from me, just by being.

Peace,Sharonlu OSF

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