Reflection for the 9th Sunday in Ordinary Time, by S. Marian Boberschmidt, OSF

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizadek (Public Domain: WikiCommons)

Reflection for June 2, 2013
Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Gen 14:18-20
Second Reading: 1Cor 11:23-26

Gospel: Lk 9:11-17
Have you ever contemplated the power of contemplation lived through compassionate thoughts, words and actions?  The path of contemplation living creates an authentic relationship with God, with our neighbor, and with all of creation.  We ask ourselves, with whom are we in relationship?
Melchizedek brought bread and wine for the exhausted warriors.  Abraham reciprocated by giving him a tenth of all his booty.  In Luke, Jesus told the apostles to have everyone sit down.  He gave thanks, distributed the food, they ate and were satisfied.  The left-overs were not thrown out…
Creator and compassionate God, your Son, Jesus, is inviting us to give those in need some food, give them enough He said until they are satisfied; they are hungry today, now, at the very moment.  Guide me in looking into a contemplative heart, listening with the ear of my heart to offer whatever food is strength for their journey.

Marian Boberschmidt, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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