Bookmarks, by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

BooksDo you use bookmarks like this? I have a habit of using anything that comes to eye, and invariably that piece of paper slips and slides and lands somewhere other than marking my page.  I have used post cards, calendar pages, non-sticky candy wrappers, letters, even a dollar bill once.  It is nerve wracking to find such things in my books. It is even more stressful not to find that check, and have no idea where it is.

At a recent party thanking those of us who had been part of a program involving the Highschool students, we were give a small, beautiful bookmark. This little page marker was also a magnet.  Folded in the middle it slipped over a page in the book and adhered to itself. Neat, pretty and never slipping out, it had solved my haphazard markings.  I am not even tempted to dog-ear a page, which is of course, wicked, at least according to my second grade teacher who drummed that into our little heads along with 2×2=4.

That being accomplished, what does the marker say to us.  Let’s say the book represents your spiritual life. You put a paper marker in to remind you of how you are going to improve, or keep from, or whatever is necessary to your growth at that time. After a bit the paper slips down into the book, or falls to the floor. You do not have the reminder right there.  And you slide a bit (or a lot) from what your plan for growth was.

A magnet marker will not let me forget. I must deliberately remove the magnet. Now if the magnet marker is there to remind me of what I must do to improve, deliberately taking it off the page says something about my  resolve.

What do you have to keep yourself on track? For some people scheduling a five minute stop helps.  Just close your eyes, listen, and renew your resolve.  The tough part is SCHEDULING.  We are so busy, so involved and so pressured, finding five minutes seems impossible.  It will be unless you schedule it and do not let it be infringed upon.

I am sure some of you have your own methods of keeping on track. Maybe you use post it notes to yourself, or putting your shoes in an unfamiliar place.  I know one friend who always put her shoestrings inside her shoes.  That way each morning as she went to put her shoes on, those strings became a reminder and she took her five minutes right then.  You will know what is right for you because the Lord will tell you.

Peace and Joy,

Sharonlu, OSF
Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg

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