Credit Where Credit is Due, by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

A lovely bouquet of summer flowers was on display for all to see: daisies, roses, lilies all in a beautiful arrangement. A young woman brought the vase to the table where it now remained. When asked where the flowers came from, she said sweetly, “I brought them here.” leaving the questioner to make her own decision about what that meant.

“You fixed the bouquet yourself?” and she nodded. You picked the flowers yourself?” and again a nod. “From your garden?” another nod. “Well, they are just gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself,”

Actually, she had been asked to bring the flowers to the table because the true gardener, planter, and arranger needed to be somewhere else.

Or an office worker does hours of research, and computation and makes a report to a co-worker, who takes the recognition for the hours put in by the assistant.

Joe Dan Prado put it well. “If you got something you didn’t work for, then someone else worked for something they didn’t get.’’

Justice is not only upheld or violated when major issues are at stake, like hiring, pay, or housing. Praise accepted, when it is not mine, steals a bit of recognition from someone who may truly need it. That is injustice close to home.

The Golden Rule, my friends, never loses its value in our relations with others. Remember to give credit where credit is due.

Peace and Joy,

Sr. Sharonlu

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