Gardening, by Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

petuniaHave you ever planted a garden? If so, you know the toil required to initiate the soil for planting, the tedious work of seeing that the seeds or seedlings are placed in the ground to their best advantage, water just enough but not too much, the weeding and careful watch for aphids and other things that “bug” flowers and food. Then comes the praying that rain will come and sun will shine to nourish the tiny plants, but also hoping that there will not be too much of either rain or sun.

A garden takes a lot of work. However, when the flowers bloom or the tomatoes ripen it calls for that grand feeling of self-satisfaction that indicates that you have participated with God in the creation of this beauty.

Consider this.

The day was blisteringly hot with humidity at a high level. I appreciated the air-conditioning of my car, and was surprised by the blast of heat as I opened the door. I had parked in front of my workplace where cracks in the sidewalk were often found, but not dangerously wide to be hazardous.

By my back tire, standing perkily at four inches was a tiny pink petunia. How it stood the heat was miracle enough, as there seemed to be nothing to nourish it. But there it was in the center of what was the most perilous part of the grounds. Why a car, my car, had not obliterated it was almost unbelievable.

I stopped for a moment to marvel at it. It was a thing of beauty, certain to die soon. However there it was and remained for several days. Cars came and went; the sun was unbelievably hot: there was no rain at all. Yet the pink petals remained fresh and lovely, proud and perky, beautifully pink and totally without human connivance.

The little petunia came because the good God had a task for it to perform. Several people saw the little flower, and stopped to admire it. Seldom would they do that for a bed of petunias! Looking at ONE and the situation it was in, brought them to attention. They marveled that it could thrive, and decided God had something to do with that. Have you ever looked at the person who is in the wrong place and seemingly useless and tried to discover what they offer?

Contemplation has been a central part of our gatherings here in Oldenburg. To stop, be silent and let your thoughts be controlled by God. You realize many things you did not even know you knew! Sometimes we find a beautiful pink petunia where before there was only a crack in the concrete.

Peace and Joy to all of you,

Sharonlu OSF


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