Sunday Reflection, by Rosie Miller, OSF

First Reading:Genesis 18:20-32
Second Reading: Col. 2:12-14
Gospel: Luke 11:1-13


Friends are a blessing and sometimes persistent in asking us to join in a certain project, adventure. They just don’t give up. Sometimes we wish they would stop “pestering.” Today’s readings remind us of persistence in prayer with God as Abraham bargains with God knowing God is mercy-filled. God answers our call for help (psalm 138). Paul calls us to rejoice in the abundant unconditional love of God, in spite of our own weaknesses or transgressions. In Luke’s gospel, Jesus reminds us that God will “give the Holy Spirit to those who ask.” Luke reminds us to keep knocking on the door until it opens. What does my heart seek and do I ask God? Do I express my needs (my poverty) to God and others, trusting I shall receive? Am I persistent in my own prayers?


Merciful, all generous God, hear my prayer deep within my heart’s longings. Keep me faithful to seeking and asking even when I “walk amid distress” (psalm 138). You are always there and feed me my “daily bread.” May I be persistent in my commitment to you, each other and the world. Help me to remember that forgiveness, gratitude, praise and my deepest desires are a form of continuous prayer. “To live, it is necessary to pray.” (Pope Paul VI)

Rosie Miller, OSF

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