Reflection for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, by S. Mary Ann Stoffregen, OSF

First Reading: 2 Kings 5: 14-17
Second Reading: 2 Timothy 2: 8-13
Gospel: Luke 17: 11-19

When it’s hard for me to settle on a theme in the liturgical readings I go to the psalm response.  Today’s is perfect:  “The Lord has revealed his saving power.”  Even in the first reading, it is the Lord who is saving/healing as is evidenced when Elisha refuses the gift from Naaman.  In the letter to Timothy, Paul wants all the chosen to “obtain salvation that is in Christ Jesus.”  And in the Gospel, it is Jesus himself who saves/heals the ten lepers.  And what is our response to the saving/healing power of God?  Do we show our gratitude as Naaman or the Samaritan leper, returning to Jesus and glorifying God with loud voice?

Loving and forgiving God, thank you for the many ways you have saved and healed me.  Thank you for the gift of life, the grace of Baptism, the food of Eucharist, the hope of Reconciliation.  Help me to see your action in all the people and situations I encounter this week.  Let me be willing to do the simple things like plunging into the healing waters as well as the harder ones like accepting sufferings that may come to me, in the name of Jesus and with a grateful heart.

Mary Ann Stoffregen, OSF

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