Reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, by S. Marta Aiken, OSF

First Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10
Second Reading: Romans 15:4-9
Gospel: Matthew 3:1-12

After years of destruction and waiting, today’s readings mirror hope with a word of caution and repentance as is echoed by Paul in the second reading and in the Gospel by John the Baptist with his urgency to repent.  Indeed, “The Spirit of the Lord must rest upon us.”  This new life is and may become a reality if we hold to the practice of a life of true reconciliation.  Beautifully, Isaiah gives us a symbolic lesson that holds the means to live it:  “…accept one another and live in harmony.”

Paul promises that the desert will bloom again, so Loving God, rest upon us so that the depth of life, a life of goodness and integrity, of wisdom and sound judgment, will blossom and be our new transformation.  May you guide us in our attempt to bring peace and harmony to our world.  Amen.

Marta Aiken, osf

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