Resolutions? Why? by S. Sharonlu Sheridan, OSF

Peace & Good

Crucifix Statue in the Oldenburg OSF Cemetery Every month I get a little book called Magnificat .  It is a gift subscription from a friend.  At the beginning of the booklet there is always a short meditative editorial.  This is followed by an essay on a topic that coincides with the month’s Church theme.

The essays are very good, but last year a guest author wrote on why we make Lenten resolutions.  I was floored when I saw myself in the category of the poorest resolutions.

The author wrote that the season of Lent is NOT for self-improvement.  WOW!  That has been my purpose for years.  If I decide to exercise more, to lose weight, to give up desserts, I am doing that for myself!  Strengthening my relationship with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, with God, is what ought to be my goal in Lent.

If my resolution were to spend 1/2 hour in prayer every evening…

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