Really?, by S. Noella Poinsette, OSF

Salt makes everything taste good.
– Really?

Maybe if I went to bed earlier,
read more,
went to the beach every week

Maybe if I ate anchovies or stuffed myself at eating contests
then maybe I’d believe
God is Good
and Perry too
As he watches his National Guard
Push kids back.

Sure, violently
push them back
into the horror they’ve fled.

Maybe if I spent a slew of money
on a vacation
and stopped writing and creating

My eyes would be blind
to the gift of love
and blind to the fire brewing in intolerance.

They should just go back where they came from
And pull themselves up
By their bootstraps.

Then I could compose
Beautiful music
In peace, quiet, and luxury.

Then I could believe in Peace
and the lie of “Give me your tired, your poor.”



S. Noella Poinsette, OSF.  S. Noella is the pastoral associate for outreach & social justice at St. Francis DeSales and Our Lady of the Lake in Holland Michigan.  She is also a musician and composer.  She wrote this poem during a poetry workshop at Oldenburg Franciscan Center, following a writing prompt about “This I Believe” while reflecting on current events related to immigration.

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