Prayer of Supplication: Journeying From Darkness to Light


O God, I want to step into the light. Take my hand, and draw me in.

Show me how to be confident in the ways I can love. Increase my desire to live out the potential that is hidden within my heart.

You know these parts of me well. Show me how to magnify your beauty.

In the light, I want to be able to stand with joy and gratitude that I am your creation, and you love every part of me.

O God, as I take that step out of darkness into the light, reveal what I need to see in myself. Although I am vulnerable in this place, help me search for your mercy and love with confidence and trust.

With outstretched hands, I offer myself to you. As my weaknesses are exposed in this gentle light, transform what is fragile into a blessing of courage and hope for others.

I surrender my will, asking you, O God, to help me embrace my true self. Help me to see what you see. Help me to love what you love.

In this Sacred Light, shining around me and through me, unite your heart and will with mine. Amen.

By Sally Meyer


My Dark Night

My heart sinks. Oh dark night!
You have come to scare me
In this lonely path…

I fall short in each step
How mistaken was I to walk
In this silent night…

I agonize with each beat of my heart
Each breath I take
Brings pain to today…

Where has your magnificent smile gone?
I remembered the sun
That brought me warmth and light…

But that is now a memory!
This night won’t pass
Here I am, falling again…

Cold and lonely
Deceived in the shadows
That hide your truth at this dark hour…

Take my life!
End this misery!
I lament in each second that passes by…

Have pity on me…
A sinner!
Send the moon and the stars
To keep me company
In this desolate night!