“When you are in deep darkness, even the smallest light seems bright.”

I look for light

I’m sure it’s there

Soft strands in people

In lives being lived

In brief moments

A crack of Light breaks through

And is magnified

Through people’s love

And kindness

Hope holds firm

In melodies

And words of songs

Christ is present in loving concern

In offerings of heart and self

In a hug

Christ is in the Light

Christ IS the Light

Find it, see it

Capture it, keep it

O Gentle Light

Guide my eyes to see

Help me find strength

In just a sliver

Shine in me, Christ Child

Through me, around me

Over me

Surround me, envelop me

Hold me, rest in me

Oh Desire of the Nations

Love me.

“God is Light; in Him there is no darkness.”


by Sally M.


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