Finding God in Our Dreams

Have you ever thought of your dreams as messages from God?  They are!

If we pay attention, our day and night dreams can paint for us the story of our soul.  They can reveal to us our frustrations & fears, our loves, our hopes, and our passions.  Through our attentiveness to the images and patterns that arise, we can uncover God’s wisdom and discover new insights.  We can grow in peace and freedom and courage to follow God’s will – from dreams into life!

In the coming weekend of January 13-15, Sr. Olga will be offering her most popular retreat: Finding God in Our Dreams.  If you have ever wondered how paying attention to your dreams can help you become more aware of God’s movement in your life, this truly is a wonderful opportunity for faith exploration, and there is still a little time to join this year’s group!

Call 812-933-6437 or email to register. 

The following fees include accommodations (as described), materials, and meals:
$215 for a private room.
$195/person to share a room with a friend.
$125 fee for commuters.

While you ponder if this experience is right for you, check out this 5 minute video that we made with Sr. Olga last year.  It will give you a feel for the type of experience you might expect by making the retreat and working with her.  Just note: this year’s dream workshop is Jan 13-15!!

Just remember: this year’s retreat dates are JANUARY 13-15, 2012, and time to RSVP is running short!

Sr. Olga Wittekind is a Jungian Psychologist and Franciscan Sister from Oldenburg, Indiana.  She taught clinical psychology for 28 years at Marian College, Indianapolis, IN.  Sr. Olga is the director of the Oldenburg Franciscan Center where she provides counseling, spiritual direction, and facilitates workshops and retreats with a passion for fostering psychological and spiritual growth.  Sr. Olga is currently working on developing a six week continuing education seminar on Jung’s Red Book in collaboration with clinical psychologist Claire Sherman.  She’ll share more on that exciting development, soon!