Finding the Center

Finding the Center
The labyrinth is a design based on a single path leading to the center and then back out of the same path. Along the way there are many twists and turns, symbolic of the twists and turns in our lives.
Often the labyrinth is confused with a maze, but the two are opposites. The path of the labyrinth always leads to the center. The maze has many paths that lead nowhere. In a maze we lose ourselves. In a labyrinth we find ourselves. The labyrinth allows us to relax and be present on the journey itself. Many times we see our lives as mazes…we feel that we have lost our way, that our path is leading nowhere.
As Christians on a spiritual journey, we need to change our view of ‘our life as a maze’ to that of ‘our life as a labyrinth’. We need to acknowledge that our path leads to One center.
The center is where we will all eventually meet.
Be thankful for your journey, cherish the moments, memories, and people you meet along the way.
An outdoor labyrinth can be found at Michaela Farm.
For smaller labyrinths, stop by the center. We have several that can be enjoyed!
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The following poem was written by Sally Meyer, 2014. Sally is a participant in OFC programs.
The Labyrinth
Entering into Your presence
Guide my heart
Draw me in O God
Send my feet
Each step intentional
You lead
Revealing pure moments
That come
Then go
I move on
Unknown paths
Yet I’m drawn
Trusting each step
With each prayer
Aware and listening
The final turn
The center
Stopping and waiting
My end
Is my beginning
Choosing to enter
Fire awaits
To cleanse and refine
Purify me
Exposed yet surrendered
Shameful yet humble
Merciful presence
Heart and hands
That in this place
Only God can hold
Turning back
To life
Renewed and loved

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