Psyche’s Tasks

Psyche's Tasks

On Saturday, February 7th, Sister Olga Wittekind (OSF) led the program ‘A Woman’s Journey Toward an Undivided Life: Psyche’s Task’s’ at the Oldenburg Franciscan Center. Using Robert Johnson’s book She, participants dropped deeper into their souls to discover more fully which of Psyche’s Tasks is leading them to greater wholeness. Discussion was centered on how we are by nature deeply relational and need to find balance in our lives.

The day was focused on how women can integrate their relationships with God, families, and others. Looking at the 4 tasks that Psyche (ourselves) had to accomplish in order to reach Love (God) encouraged this group of 35 women on their spiritual journeys. The tasks of discernment, focusing, going into solitude and learning to say, “No” when appropriate gave the women encouragement on their journeys to God.

Our next program will be ‘Women’s Day: Women of Love’ on Saturday, March 7th. The theme for Women’s Day is ‘Love Beyond All Measure’. Lunch is included! For more information about programs, or to register, call us at 812.933.6437 or visit our website at


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